Celebs Rock Cynthia Gale NY Jewelry At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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Cynthia Gale & Whoopi Goldberg
Cynthia Gale & Whoopi Goldberg


The Big Apple is known for many things like the impressive skyline, fast lifestyle and of course, the fashion. New York may be considered the fashion capital of the world and it's always at the center of attention when new styles and trendy designs emerge. With that said, unless you've been living out of the loop since 1943, September always marks one of the biggest events in the fashion industry and that's New York Fashion Week. The huge event always draws in big crowds of celebrities, fashion icons, designers and others that are there to see the future of fashion, and this event was no different.


This year at the branded event, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week featured something a little extra that got people talking and that was the handmade silver jewelry from the Cynthia Gale New York design studio. Cynthia Gale New York (CGNY) hosted a Celebrity Gifting Suite at the event, courtesy of GBK Productions, where A-List celebs were able to adorn themselves in the hottest silver jewelry on the market. Celebs like Whoopi Goldberg, Alan Cumming, Carla Hall and others were more than pleased to be accessorized with the unique and distinct silver jewelry. Some of the stunning jewelry included gorgeous silver necklaces, rings, men's bracelets and more.



Cynthia Gale welcomed numerous guests at the Celebrity Gifting Suite to check out the trend-setting sterling silver jewelry at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Some included Emma Myles and Emily Althaus from the hit drama Orange Is The New Black, actors Chris McDonald and Fredric Lehne, recording artist Bridget Kelly, actress and singer Demetria McKinney, fashion designers June Ambrose and Helen Castillo, singer Stafani Vara, actresses Sarah Wynter and Selenis Leyva, Stef Dawson from The Hunger Games and Real Housewives of New York City star Kristen Taekman.

Gifting With Purpose

Everyone embraced the CGNY collection of silver jewelry and rocked their new accessories in full stride. But, the Celebrity Gifting Suite wasn't just a freebie giveaway because it serves another purpose that ends up being a win-win situation for all. In fact, 20 percent of the table fee profits from the Celebrity Gifting Suites go various charities. Since CGNY was a participating sponsor of a Gifting Suite, a portion of the costs were given to support the different charities that were on site, which was managed through GBK Productions.

The purpose of hosting a Gifting Suite for CGNY was to gain wide spread exposure through one of the biggest events of the year that was also supporting a great cause. According to an interview with the owner of GBK Productions, GBK donated over $2 million in produces, services and cash to over 20 different charities by providing businesses like CGNY with the opportunity to sponsor a beneficial suite. In return, businesses can showcase their best products, like the trendy sterling silver jewelry found at CGNY, for everyone to see and for it to be at MB Fashion Week, it couldn't get any better besides the celebs loving the product.

However, not every vendor or business who wants to sponsor a gift lounge gets to participate. GBK turns down an average of 500 vendors at any given event because they aren't of the caliber they seek. And that means CGNY has what it takes to make an impression that's worth checking out because the collection of silver jewelry is not one to be missed.

The whole team behind Cynthia Gale New York was proud to be a part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and sponsor a Celebrity Gifting Suite because our handmade silver jewelry is unlike anything else. Are you ready to accessorize and standout with CGNY sterling silver jewelry?

Check out some of the photos below from our Celebrity Gifting Suite at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week event!

Carla Hall

Alan Cumming

Bridget Kelly With a CGNY silver necklace

Bridget Kelly

Demetria McKinney rocking a CGNY silver necklace

Demetria McKinney

Stefani Vara & a CGNY sterling silver necklace

Stefani Vara 


Cynthia Gale, Emma Myles & Emily Althaus

Cynthia Gale, Emma Myles & Emily Althaus

Stef Dawson

Stef Dawson

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