Why We Give

For 30 years, Cynthia Gale New York™ has been giving back to charities whose missions dovetail with the values of our art inspired, sterling silver jewelry brand. Our philosophy: “If everyone gives a little bit, big things can happen.” We invite you to take a moment to explore these worthwhile causes.
DIFFA raises awareness and grants funds to organizations that provide treatment, direct care services, preventive education programs and advocacy for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS.
Elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffe and other amazing wild animals in Southern Africa are struggling. The poaching crisis, diminishing reserve budgets, and a lack of wild space are all having disastrous effects.

Wild Tomorrow is committed to helping in the most effective ways possible. To do that, we ask the people whose job it is to protect the animals – the reserve managers, anti-poaching units and ecologists – what help they need most. Below are the three areas they requested help.  
A hands-on non-profit that has been improving New York City's environment for over forty years. #letsgrownyc
THE BELAFONTE FAMILY FOUNDATION (BFF), is a public foundation with an innovative approach to creating access and opportunity for historically underserved, marginalized youth, adults and communities across racial, gender, and economic lines, offering progressive programming and resources with a demand for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As a family having spent a lifetime serving others, The Belafonte Family Foundation has taken a multi-generational approach to philanthropy with pillars in areas that are critical to human development and success. Pillars that are diverse but not unrelated. Sadly many of the issues that have plagued our generations past continue to threaten our children and generations to come.

While the ultimate goal of global, harmonious co-existence should be pursued, a massive, imbalanced playing field exists where education, opportunity, health and well being are seemingly inaccessible to a massive swath of our fellow humans. BFF looks to do its utmost to help level that field, create access and offer pathways forward to a better life.
NYC Health + Hospitals, officially the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, operates the public hospitals and clinics in New York City as a public benefit corporation.