Cynthia Gale
New York

Biography & Timeline
Cynthia Gale

Cynthia Gale’s award-winning, classical, and innovative designs are exquisitely hand-crafted and drawn from ancient techniques and iconic forms.  The result?  Sterling silver jewelry that is both modern and timeless.

Two decades ago, while on a modeling trip to the Indonesian island of Bali, Cynthia Gale became enamored with the island’s exotic elegance.  Her jewelry collection over the years has reflected the tranquil beauty of the Far East combined with her fast-paced, urban New York City lifestyle. 

The creative objets d’arts are found in ancient Greek and Roman symbols in the CGNY Signature Collections;  in the unique museum and foundation pieces for partners through the Museum Collections;  or with the continuing innovation of the Art Collections.  Cynthia designs eclectic, art-inspired jewelry, cherished for decades and worn for years to come.  

Through Cynthia’s collections, the artisanal craft of Indonesia combines with modern New York City spirit to enrich the lives of contemporary women, traditional artists, and lovers of enduring style. 

“ When a woman wears a piece of my jewelry, I want her to feel as exhilarated as I feel whether walking through the bustling city streets or watching an exquisite sunrise over a tranquil Indonesian rice paddy field. ” ~ CG


Cynthia is working in Europe as a fashion model, living between New York, Milan, Paris and London. She books a runway show in Jakarta and instantly falls in love with the art and jewelry making aesthetic of Indonesia.


Cynthia launches her brand under the name GeoArt Accessories - Works of Art in Sterling Silver. Her first jewelry collection is inspired by the fine craft of silversmiths she encountered during her visits to Indonesia. She works closely with Balinese artisans to develop her signature style. Cynthia becomes the model for her collection.


Cynthia relocates her office to the Upper West Side in NYC.  While designing her own collections - works of sterling silver art that mix the fast pace of NYC and Indonesian inspiration - she continuously travels throughout the country and participates in fairs and commercial exhibits including FAE, IFBS, NY Premier Collection and A-Style.


Cynthia begins working with a specialized workshop in Java, Indonesia and develops her signature Urn. She launches the Cynthia Gale Signature Collection featuring repoussé technique at New York’s Newest, a juried section of the International Fashion Boutique Show.


Cynthia opens her silver jewelry showroom and design studio, a loft space located on East 36th Street in NYC. She introduces her first museum licensing partnerships with Washington National Cathedral and the Cleveland Museum of Art. This marks the beginning of agreements with over fifteen of the nation’s most prominent museums and cultural institutions.


Cynthia collaborates with Washington National Cathedral, creating a special bracelet named The 7 Families of Faith, to raise money for the victims of the Indonesian Tsunami. She travels to Bali to donate $14,000 to develop clean water systems on the Indonesian island of Aceh. In addition, she begins to work with LIM College mentoring students.


Cynthia collaborates with Grow NYC, a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City's quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities. She designs the Go Green Collection from recycled silver to raise funds to benefit youth in the South Bronx through Grow NYC’s Learn It, Grow It, Eat It program. 


Cynthia is noted as “Designer of Distinction” on the Savor Silver Website, whose program is part of the Silver Promotion Services (SPS). She begins teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), her alma mater, connecting with younger generations to bring her insights and experience to fashion students.

Geo Art by Cynthia Gale shoots a new campaign to address the growing trend in online sales and marketing.


Cynthia collaborates with The Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project (AEACP) by providing gallery space where the organization shows the art of the Asian elephants they protect and support.


Following an intensive rebranding process, the company changes its name to Cynthia Gale. Under the new name, the company offers 3 sub brands: GeoArt, GeoSignature and GeoMuseum. Cynthia begins a collaboration with Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids (DIFFA) by participating in Picnic by Design, involving the design of a picnic basket to raise funds for AIDS research.


New digital directions have reshaped the jewelry industry and the brand.  Cynthia Gale New York is introduced to the market and the website,, offers Cynthia’s jewelry collections to the broader online global community.