Mystical Pagoda Collection

    The mystical splendor and opulent mystery of the Far East is embodied by the grace and tranquility of the classic temple pagoda. Crafted from natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, pagodas form perfectly balanced tiers of graduated spiritual beauty. The pagoda can be traced to the 3rd century stupa, a dome-shaped monument used as a commemorative monument for storing sacred relics. In time, the architecture of Chinese towers and pavilions blended into pagoda architecture spreading throughout East and Southeast Asia.

    The Cynthia Gale New York Mystical Pagoda Collection utilizes these ancient geometric forms in gently hammered sterling silver pieces with natural mother-of-pearl accents. The pagodas’ intricate latticework inspired imaginative stacked and layered designs, culminating in a distinct collection of modern hammered silver necklaces, hammered silver earrings and hammered silver rings.