Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry Gifts for Men

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry Gifts for Men

Men's sterling silver jewelry is eye-catching and available in many different varieties. You can purchase silver rings with intricate tribal designs, men's sterling silver chains, elegant cufflinks and sterling silver bracelets with leather accent. A man’s style exudes classic, yet trendy confidence when sterling silver jewelry is added to the mix.   

Discover the five reasons to choose men's sterling silver jewelry when you shop for the man in your life. 

Men's Cobra Sterling Silver Spin Ring - $90


  1. Sterling Silver Lasts

Sterling silver is strong enough to be worn daily and men's silver jewelry can last for years with proper care. Sterling silver jewelry is a great choice for gifting-  it can be worn for a lifetime.   He will love to wear his Cynthia Gale New York men's jewelry every day.


Keepsake Collection Sterling Silver Cufflinks - $180



  1. 2. A Generous Gift

Men's sterling silver jewelry is a handsome gift for many occasions. Sterling silver is reasonably priced and perceived as a luxury item- a welcome gift for the men in your life! Choose from Cynthia Gale New York men's silver rings, necklaces, cufflinks and bracelets.


       3. Silver is Neutral

Sterling silver accessories can be worn with any clothing color. Grey is a well established neutral color in clothing and sterling silver is the jewelry world's grey! Men's silver jewelry will go well with his leather steel watch and his French Cuff shirt. Consider the gift of silver jewelry to work back with everything in his wardrobe. 

 Retro Metro Large NYC Token Sterling Silver Cufflinks - $185


      4. A Wide Range of Styles

Don't feel limited when you shop for sterling silver men’s jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry for men can be found in a wide range of styles, from spin rings and simple necklaces to stylish rock star bracelets. Choose the sterling silver jewelry that will reflect his personality.


Retro Metro NYC Token Urban Sterling Silver Bracelet - $72


        5. Silver Jewelry is a Great Value

Sterling silver is made with 92.5 percent pure silver, the balance being an alloy to ensure metal strength.  This is a high precious metal content when compared to many other types of jewelry.  Sterling silver is considered a Noble Metal, along with gold and platinum.  These metals resist corrosion and tarnish-  they have longevity.  Of the three, sterling silver is the most affordable.

 Steal Your Face Sterling Silver Pin - $90


  • Fiona Manonn

    Wearing jewelry can be a way to express yourself and it helps to complete any outfit. They represent a symbol of prestige, wealth, and power. It brings out the best features when wearing the right jewelry for the right place.I am a silver person who loves the sterling silver color and silver also. So pick jewelry that looks unique, comfortable, and that adds a professional touch to your attire.

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