5 Things We Love About Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you enjoy wearing jewelry as part of your personal style, then you need to read the five reasons why we love sterling silver jewelry.

    • Timeless

Sterling silver jewelry is timeless- outlasting the endless parade of fads and fashions. Invest in a piece you love and we guarantee that you'll never tire of it or feel as though you’re behind the times.




      • Fashionable/Stylish

Sterling silver offers so many options in size and look. Silver is such an easy material to work with and easy to style. It’s the perfect precious metal to go from day to evening. 


      • Memorable Gifts

Sterling silver jewelry makes a wonderful gift and we love the reactions of family, friends and colleagues when it is given as a present. It is equally suitable for young and old. Additionally, there are an endless supply of options to suit every budget and occasion. All Cynthia Gale New York jewelry arrives with a curatorial card which details the inspiration for the design making it the perfect conversation piece for any party or just the right gift to create that special memory.



      • Easy To Care For

Sterling silver jewelry is easy to care for. Simply wipe your silver jewelry clean with a sterling silver cleaning cloth (all CGNY jewelry comes with a cleaning cloth) to return your piece to its original luster. Storing sterling silver jewelry in a plastic bag or box will both keep it safe from scratches and limit tarnish.


        • Reasonable & Beautiful

Sterling silver jewelry is reasonably priced in comparison to other precious metals such as platinum and gold. You can acquire many pieces for your money. Rather than deciding between a pair of earrings and a cuff- just get both! Sterling silver jewelry provides that artistic, upscale styling edge that makes it the perfect accessory value for that special occasion.


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