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Shooting our Fall/Holiday 2018 Grateful Dead jewelry collection last week took on a magical, musical quality.  While I love designing the jewelry, planning how to shoot this special collection always makes me smile.  Luckily I met NYC photographer Maciek Stepnik who was totally committed to the creation of something special. 

Dear friends, models Kat and Gavin, were available to work with us.  They brought their adorable rescue pooch, Rico-  she really brought a lot of fun and energy to the shoot: 


As you might imagine, prior to the shoot there was a lot of planning involved.  While I knew these images needed to target Grateful Dead fans, I wanted to ensure that our customers really enjoyed the imagery.  Feeling a sense of inclusivity and joy upon seeing the photos was paramount.  Our fabulous intern, Emily, created a Mood Board to help establish the Grateful Dead vibe.


Creating a clothing selection for Kat and Gavin which spoke to Dead fans while highlighting the jewelry was important.


Our talented make-up and hair artist, Lali, was open to GREEN LIPS for the holiday season and mixed the perfect shade of olive green! 



From the set location to our hard-working team to the music which filled the studio-  the day was filled with positive, happy energy and we were able to bring our Grateful Dead jewelry photos to life. Here’s a sneak peek of a few of our final photos-  keep in mind that these are raw files. 


From start to finish, we worked to establish a cohesive, GRATEful vibe for you guys!  Look for final photo selections on our upcoming Social Media and website and thanks so much for reading.  Please feel free to weigh in-  comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated! 


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Joanne C Tate
Joanne C Tate

August 11, 2018

I absolutely Love your Grateful Dead jewelry. I own the bolt set and stealie earings. I get so many complements on both. I have purchased for my husband the dancing bear cuff links and tie tac as well as the steal your face cuff links. Grate photos and looking forward to your new line.


August 10, 2018

Cynthia, I have been working with you for a few years now (remember the big search for the GD1977 belt buckle) and you just get better and better. I own at least four of your pieces and all are superb artistic creations based on our Grateful Dead mythos. I know that Jerry would smile and all the band would as well knowing the love you create with silver, and also that everyone needs an honest living. Being able to do the work you love must be a reward in and of itself. I am pretty sure everyone is looking forward to the Fall collection. Thank you, Jeffrey aka Zipster

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