CGNY + John Curry = The Perfect Pouch

With 25 years behind us, you’d think that we would have found a magical photographic formula that works every time. However, that’s far from reality. To stay relevant, one always has to adapt and find new ways of being innovative and displaying a sense of onus – both as an individual and as a company.

We are fortunate to have maintained a partnership with John Curry, our amazing still-life photographer, for the past 15 years. Together, we strive to create the most visually striking images of our artistic, sterling silver jewelry designs that have been created with the utmost care.   

Given that customer satisfaction is one of our key objectives, we want to ensure that each new CGNY piece is delivered in the perfect packaging-  it’s especially important to us because we know you have excellent taste!

Cynthia Gale New York Pouches Photoshoot John Cutty

Therefore, we proudly present our new Cynthia Gale New York jewelry pouches! The exterior of the pouch doubles as a cleaning cloth, so that you can keep your CGNY jewelry clean and shiny for all the years of compliments which lie ahead. The pouches are also great for gifting-  it not only looks lovely and upscale, but shows that you value the gift’s recipient because you’ve thought of everything (we promise we won’t tell that it’s included with most purchases).    

Speaking of gifts, when was the last time you bought yourself one?



  • Holly Ryan

    I hope the Terrapin pin I bought as a gift for a friend comes with the pouch.

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