Backstage at CGNY

As consumers, we see hundreds of images everyday; but what makes a particular image stand out? This is a question I asked myself while planning the CGNY 2019 Summer Shoot. I narrowed it down to quality, creativity, and the creation of a new point of view.

Backstage at the shoot, we were fortunate to have talented contributors of all ages. Everyone came from different backgrounds and with distinctive skills while holding unique perspectives on what makes exceptional imagery. Both our photographer, Maciek Stepnik, and makeup artist, Agnes Barnat, are originally from Poland.  Model Kat Murphy, was born in Russia and raised in Sweden. Our intern Jess Blanco, a senior at PACE University, has roots in Columbia coupled with a gift for taking flawless “behind the scenes” images. These diverse backgrounds and perspectives came together to enhance our interpretation of what makes jewelry come alive.

Hudson Yards, our chosen location, was also an integral piece of the “memorable photoshoot” puzzle.  The distinct design of The Shed, The Vessel and the surrounding area meshed with fashion and jewelry to create a unique, memorable experience.

I’ve always maintained that it takes a village to raise a good jewelry design.  In this case, it took a village to raise a memorable photo shoot. Enjoy our latest Cynthia Gale New York and Grateful Dead imagery everyone!

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