CGNY Spinner Rings: New Year, New State of Mind

A Spinner Ring, which is also referred to as a Meditation or Worry ring, is a ring that has one or more rings that spin freely within a wider, inner ring. The spinning motion of the ring is designed to calm anxiety and bring about a peaceful state of mind and good karma. Cynthia Gale New York Spinner Ring designs are inspired from the Tibetan tradition of Prayer Wheels. The Tibetan practice of Prayer Wheel use is performed to help accumulate wisdom and purify negative thoughts, resulting in a spiritual benefit to one’s self as well as those around you.

Spinning Rings handmade in sterling silver

Cynthia Gale developed the CGNY Spinner Ring Collection concept in 1992 while she was exploring silver workshops in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She was drawn by the meditative quality that the ring held as the wearer turned the outer ring.  The ring’s calming quality coupled with Cynthia’s interest in Tibetan Prayer Wheels inspired her to establish a bespoke CGNY Spinner Ring Collection, adding individual artistic embellishments and metalwork techniques unique to Indonesia.

 Sterling Silver Handmade Spin Rings by Cynthia Gale New York

CGNY Spinner Rings are used to combat the fidgeting that occurs when one experiences high levels of anxiety. They provide a more subtle way to control the urge to fidget by connecting the wearer with an alternative-  spinning the ring while taking deep breaths.

 Spin Rings

The power behind CGNY Spinner Rings is not found in the form of magical Tibetan powers, but rather through a practice which allows the wearer to refocus on the present. By spinning the ring, you are acknowledging your anxiety instead of letting it take control, holding you back from experiencing the present moment. Sometimes when we have anxiety we tend to fight or ignore it, making the anxiety our only focus.  Cynthia Gale New York Spinner Rings acknowledge these anxious thoughts that we try so hard to ignore, making it easier to move past the anxiety and place yourself into the present by simply spinning a ring and breathing~


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