The Whimsy of Tom Otterness

I have always been fascinated and intrigued by art. It inspires people, allows for knowledge, freedom and interpretation which invokes emotion. Art that really speaks to me is craftsmanship that makes me feel— whether I feel somber, excited, scared or ecstatic. It is that initial feeling that makes any art form unique, just like my craft. Just like art, my jewelry collections always have a story behind them. There is a reason behind every minute detail of the pieces I design, down to the placement or even color of stones I decide to use. The design process is very much natural and organic and like art, it cannot be forced.
I stumbled upon these statues that Tom Otterness created in New York City’s Battery Park City and my initial reaction was happiness, humor and curiosity. For those visiting New York City, this is a must see! Additionally, the artistic work made me wonder and explore the answers to questions such as: “What did Otterness intend to depict through his artwork?” and “Is my interpretation of his art different then what he intended it to be?”

Upon reading one of his interviews, the image above is of the wealthy enjoying champagne on top while the workers are at the bottom, tipping the penny over. He did not explain his interpretation of it which allows for varied speculation by the public.


I started applying this to my own personal art- jewelry design. Like Otterness, I want to convey a specific message while delivering imaginative craftsmanship that everyone can enjoy! Take my Self-Reflection Collection for instance— it was inspired by tattoos which can serve as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love or even signs of religious beliefs. I utilized inspiring sayings often used for tattoos that the wearer can live by. My pieces are created to influence, inspire and allow others to feel happy, empowered and confident.

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