Dharmachakra Collection

    Life’s wheels keep on turning...whether the medieval wheel of fortune or the cycle of the seasons...everything turns, turns, turns. The Dharmachakra “Wheel of Transformation” is one of the oldest known Buddhist motifs in spiritual art, a significant symbol of the path to enlightenment and a meditative life. It’s spinning motion is a mystical metaphor for renewal and change and is used thematically in various designs and contemplative objets d’art. The number of spokes on the wheel represent various meanings. The overall shape is a circle (chakra), representing the perfection of the dharma. The hub stands for discipline, the essential core of meditation practice. The rim, which holds the spokes, refers to mindfulness, which holds everything together. The transcendental element of spinning motion and embellished ornamentation is incorporated into the Dharmachakra Collection by including yoga inspired jewelry such as a meditation bracelet and also meditation rings.