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Art-inspired sterling silver jewelry gifts for Mother's Day. These handcrafted sterling silver pieces are timeless keepsakes that make the perfect gift for the ever-loving Mother figure in your life - from spinner rings and birthstone stack cuffs to statement necklaces paired with matching drop earrings. CGNY has a range of gifts to choose from. Big, small, one or many... a small gesture can show a whole lot of love.

All women are Mother figures in one shape or another - each holds a strength that is greater than any other love. Mothers and women as a whole have always gone above and beyond to care for the ones they love, so show her how much you care with a jewelry keepsake piece that is as timeless and everlasting as her love.

What CGNY collection fits your Mother’s womanly power?

Sold out Barnes Metalwork Bronze Sterling Silver White Pearl Drop Earring - Cynthia Gale New York Jewelry Sold out
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