The CGNY Signature Urn Collection

Repousse is the time honored Indonesian metalwork technique utilized to create the beautifully unique CG Signature Urn Necklace Collection. Our Javanese artisans work out of wooden logs, which are then turned on end, hollowed out, and filled with a black sticky pitch. Sterling silver sheet is then carefully laid in the pitch and a relief is hammered from the back of the piece to form the singular dimensional shape. The finished piece is then chased from the front to sharpen the design before the oxidation is applied to add depth and texture by darkening recessed areas within the design. The final surface is polished to a resplendent high sheen to emphasize the line, form, and detail of our one of a kind CG Urn Necklaces. The fine art of repousse retains its timeless beauty and urban eclectic aesthetic which creates lasting pieces of jewelry that will be treasured forever. CG’s Urn Necklaces celebrate and commemorate Cynthia’s twentieth year in jewelry design. The special collection is inspired by an ancient Greek rhyton which was inspiration for the first large scale repousse art piece that Cynthia designed and produced back in the early 1990’s. The urn shape used in the CG Signature Urn Necklace Collection is also the iconic form utilized in the Cynthia Gale logo, representing the bridge between the past and present while looking to the future of timeless fine craft.