Our Journey


Cynthia Gale’s philosophy is simple: to create exquisite, high quality sterling silver jewelry inspired by art and the world around us. 

Designer Cynthia Gale specializes in creating modern, urban eclectic, art inspired, fine craft sterling silver jewelry. Her collections are designed in her mid-town Manhattan studio and produced in Indonesia by talented artisans. 

The GeoSignature Collection is Cynthia’s top of the line design collection, often one of a kind pieces, featuring artisan techniques such as repousse, filigree and granulation.

The GeoMuseum Collections are uniquely designed in conjunction with leading art museums across the United States. Inspired by their architecture or individual artistic holdings each collection captures the distinct character of the institution. Cynthia holds licensing partnerships with over fifteen of the nation’s most important museums and cultural institutions. Her passion for supporting their artistic and educational missions has inspired Cynthia to donate a portion of each purchased museum piece to further these goals.

The GeoArt Collections have evolved for over twenty years from Cynthia’s inspirations and ideas. They reflect the rich cultural history of New York City and Cynthia’s passion for it’s vibrant diversity. Her extensive overseas travel allows her to explore other cultures and lifestyles, including various belief systems which have influenced her love for meditative and inspirational jewelry design.