Cynthia Gale New York is an art inspired sterling silver jewelry which was established in 1991.

After an initial trip to Jakarta, Indonesia as a fashion model in 1989, Cynthia feels awakened by the fashion, art, music and people of the country. Through subsequent visits to Indonesia, she embarks on a journey where she begins learning about the fine craft of local silversmiths. The high level of craftsmanship as well as the exquisite techniques and designs that can be obtained with sterling silver commands her interest and attention. 

Cynthia begins to experiment with new creative ideas, transforming silver into unique pieces of jewelry that mix the creative heritage of Indonesian culture with her American and European roots.  The creative, aesthetic blend results in the establishment of GeoArt Accessories.



The creation of each piece of jewelry retains the spirit of artfully designed jewelry.  The original design process originally involved hand drawn sketches.  When combined with the artisanal skill of Balinese and Javanese craftsmen, the result is a very intimate, unique jewelry collection.




Partnering with museums and cultural institutions brings a new aesthetic to Cynthia Gale Signature which focuses on repoussé technique in sterling silver.  Literally meaning “pushed up” in French and deriving from the Latin word pulsare, repoussé is a metalwork technique where malleable metal is hammered or shaped from the reverse.  This labor-intensive, time honored technique becomes a cornerstone of Cynthia’s collections.  



Developing close, personal relationships with her producers is an important part of the brand’s DNA.  When she learns that her Javanese producer is encouraging women to learn the male-dominated craft of repoussé technique, Cynthia supports this new direction.  The result is a highly skilled level of crafts-WOMAN-ship!




Today, the creation of each piece of Cynthia Gale New York sterling silver jewelry involves a creative process that begins with the concept and jewelry design at her New York City design studio.  Designs are now created digitally through the use of a stylus and tablet.  Completed jewelry specs are sent to Cynthia’s Indonesian producers for sample production.




The brand consists of three sub-brands:  GeoSignature, GeoArt and GeoMuseum. Every piece of the collections includes a curatorial card detailing the inspiration and meaning behind the jewelry


GeoSignature- Art Inspired Objets d’Art featuring statement pieces of Cynthia’s signature style.



GeoArt- Art Inspired Jewelry Collections capturing current jewelry trends from a timeless, global point-of-view. 



 GeoMuseum- Art Inspired Design resulting from Cynthia’s collaboration with our nation’s premier museums and cultural institutions.


Our past and present  Museum and Cultural Institution Partners include:  Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC;  Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH;  American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY;  National Gallery of Art, Washington DC;  Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY;  High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA;  Huntington Library and Museum;  Kennedy Center, Washington, DC;  National Trust, Washington DC;  Skirball Cultural Center;  Touro Synagogue;  Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA; DeYoung Museum, San Francisco, CA;  J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA;  Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston, MA;  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland, OH;  The Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO;  George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Mt. Vernon, VA;  The Jewish Museum, New York  NY;  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles  CA;  Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota  FL;  Grateful Dead, New York  NY;  New York Historical Society, New York  NY; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY.

Cynthia Gale New York is committed to the creation of exquisite sterling silver jewelry, distinctive designs that inspire your soul.  We invite you to enjoy our attention to detail, commitment to the arts and celebration of modern, urban eclectic style.